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All about German Exchange Student Binyamin Vogt

Binyamin Vogt came to Parker School in August as a sophomore exchange student from Germany. He was born in Kenya, and lived there for one year before moving to Duisburg, Germany.

Binyamin now lives in Waimea with his host family, and will be here for the remainder of the school year. He has made his time in Hawaii and at Parker full and busy. Steering for the paddling team, and working very hard to improve in volleyball, Binyamin has become a very important member of both teams. He has also participated in Dramatiques’s fall play and spring musical.

In his free time in Hawaii, he likes to hike and mountain bike, as well as spend time with his family's dog: Louie. He also loves to read, and is currently reading The Apollo Series. His favorite book series is Harry Potter.

In Germany, he enjoys swimming, spending time with his chickens, and playing the French horn. His favorite chicken is named Schoki Mila Maya. He has traveled to Iceland, and he says it is one of his favorite countries, especially because he loves glaciers and puffins.

Jennifer Koranda remembers the time he couldn't stop laughing during a health psa, and playing games with him during Hui. “He is happy all the time, and it makes me happy,” says Mel Barbosa.

Binyamin sure has been a great addition to Parker School this year, and we will definitely miss him when he leaves!

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