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AI Leads the New Frontier of Fashion

From The Met Gala to The Oscars, every year we get to witness an influx of fashion–-new trends, up and coming designers, and all the classics. The fashion industry is constantly providing the world with new visions for the future of design. Yet, unlike any other time in history, we are experiencing one of the biggest shifts in the future of fashion.

Instead of designers in studios the new frontier is being led by AI. If you don't already know, artificial intelligence or AI is a new form of intellectual functionality done by machines rather than humans. On the topic of design, AI has both pros and cons when it comes to the progress of the industry.

To start, AI has the capability to assist in supply chain management. This is not just a matter of companies being able to become more profitable, but also more sustainable. With artificial intelligence having the ability to quickly organize, collect, and calculate information, it can help businesses make the right decisions as far as what to have in stock and when to reduce waste and maximize profits.

Not only can AI benefit management of supply chains, but it can also revolutionize the world of marketing. The collection of data can predict future trends, successful advertising techniques, and even guide companies to target the right customer audience. With easy access to AI the management of the fashion industry will be transformed and take shape as something greater than we’ve ever seen.

Though AI is going to have a huge impact on the business end of design it might be most influential as the new up and coming designer of our world. Not only can the collection of data facilitate marketing and management but it can also create concepts and visions for designs based on algorithms of customers.

As a designer AI can be used to modify the style via textual prompts similar to the mechanics of AI like ChatGPT. Given that the process to develop a design with AI is fairly simple, creative freedom has an open range of possibilities. For example, check out the photos below.

PC/FutureFashion Oracle

As fashion transitions into a new realm of design and morphs into a new art, it is most important to continue to question with curiosity. Technological advancements will always have its challenges and downfalls, but it can also bring the world great things. Who knows, maybe in a year these designs will be walking down a runway rather than posed through the digital dimension. AI is the future of fashion and I believe this new frontier is going to guide 21st century designs.

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