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A Recap of the X-Games Kickoff

Coordinator Recap - Lucas Koranda

The kickoff of events for the X Games was a tremendous success! This first week of activities included Villa on the Mountain (a Parker School classic), an Egg Drop, Volleyball, and Kickball. While the first few minutes consisted of organized chaos, once everybody understood the rules and the path to victory, the squads quickly began to compete in hopes of their team ending up on top.

Villa on the Mountain Recap - Everett Gordon

The first day of X-Games brought many enthusiastic screams to the basketball court. Four teams—the Crimson Chimeras, the Purple Phoenixes, the Green Gorgons, and the Navy Sirens— went head-to-head in an intense game of Villa on the Mountain. After each team constructed their hula hoop villas, full competition broke loose. The Purple Phoenixes took a few quick losses to the Green Gorgons before the two teams formed an alliance. Meanwhile, the Navy Sirens and Crimson Chimeras each held their ground valiantly, until the newly formed Green and Purple alliance began to take hits on the Navy Sirens and test the Crimson Chimera’s stamina. Teams worked together to collect dodgeballs, substitute players, and provide encouragement from the sidelines. After 15-20 minutes of play time, the Green Gorgons had a clear lead with ALL of their lives remaining, but a decision to break their alliance with the Purple Phoenixes proved to be a grave mistake. The Navy Sirens were eliminated first, giving a clear advantage to the Crimson Chimeras. As the Chimeras defended against the other side of the court, the closely situated and now mortal enemies the Green Gorgons and Purple Phoenixes targeted one another ruthlessly. The Green Gorgons got the last laugh, but they soon found themselves in a 1 v 1 fight with the Crimson Chimeras for first place. At this time, the entire teams joined together, and after another five minutes of unrelenting competition, the Chimeras 3 remaining lives eventually proved too much for the Gorgons, who had been clinging to a last hope with only 1 life remaining.

Photo Credit/@parkerschoolhawaii instagram

Egg Drop Recap - Noah Nikolai

One of the competitions that took place as part of the first week of the X-Games was the egg drop, which featured the Yellow Hydras, Lime Sea Serpents, Black Shadows, and Golden Griffins in a test of engineering ability. Each team had 25 minutes to construct three protective cases for three different eggs before they would be tossed out the window. The 25 minutes were somewhat chaotic with each team trying to gather the materials needed to succeed, and then racing to put them together before the time ran out. The cases, despite many doubts, were largely successful, with 10 of the 12 eggs managing to survive the fall unscathed. Even though three teams, the Yellow Hydras, Black Shadows, and Golden Griffins all kept their eggs intact, in the end it was the Yellow Hydras who claimed first place, with the other three teams tying for second.

Photo Credit/@parkerschoolhawaii instagram

Volleyball Recap - Genevieve Savage

Four teams gathered outside the lower hall to compete in an intense game of volleyball Wednesday morning: The Aqua Leviathans, the Orange Krakens, the Minotaurs, and the Centaurs. Each team played at least 2 sets, with serving, rotations, and some awesome spikes!

Although it got hot fast, teams enthusiastically cheered for their players and athletes gave it their all. Coach P gave some professional feedback to all competitors - you could say he was the coach for all four teams. Through the structure of the game, all players were able to stay safe and socially distanced. However, a few students were rewarded with mask sunburns that marked the success of their perseverance. Middle schoolers and high schoolers bonded through competition, strategy, and encouragement, and we all learned plenty about the great sport of volleyball. By the end of the block, the Aqua Leviathans had taken first place, followed by the Minotaurs and Centaurs tied for second, and finally the Orange Krakens in third.

Photo Credit/@parkerschoolhawaii instagram

Kickball Recap - Jalyssa Castaneda

In the first X-Games, one of the events was kickball. Between the White Yetis, Blue Banshees, Grey Gremlins, and Brown Titans, let’s just say things got pretty competitive. No matter which grade they were in, or how old they were, people were absolutely ruthless. From catching the ball a greedy amount of times, to throwing it at 6th graders, the tension was there. After nine innings, the winners of kickball were the White Yetis, followed by the Blue Banshees. Coming in 3rd were the Grey Gremlins, with the Brown Titans in 4th place.

Photo Credit/@parkerschoolhawaii instagram

Coordinator Recap Continued - Lucas Koranda

Behind the scenes, these games require a ton of preparation and collaboration among the Parker School community. From approval by the administration, to set-up and clean-up by student council, and facilitation by Parker School staff and faculty members, I am beyond grateful for the support our Ohana has provided in order to foster school spirit amid Covid-19. Despite our masks, the laughter I heard while walking around campus on Wednesday indicated to me that lots of students and teachers were wearing smiles, something that I had always hoped these X Games would achieve. Looking ahead, we believe November 3rd will be our next day of activities for the X Games. Until then, the scores from last week’s games have been tallied and posted, and you can find them on the Student Council bulletin board in the Lower Hall or on the Middle School bulletin board on the Middle School deck.

Student Council is taking recommendations on how to improve the X Games, so please do not hesitate to give us your opinion!

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