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A Day in the Life: In Photos

Zoomer vs. Schooler

As someone who has been to school both in person and online, I’d say I’m pretty well-qualified to give an opinion. Here’s my personal list of Pros and Cons:




  • Ultimately Safer

  • Mask Free

  • More Time to:

    • Sleep

    • Go to the Beach

    • Make Art

    • Watch Movies

    • Basically...Whatever

  • I can eat whenever

  • I save so much money on gas

  • No Dress Code


  • I don't get to see my friends or favorite teachers everyday

  • Zoom.

  • It’s harder to ask questions and contribute in class

  • I miss the art room and Mrs. Buscher

  • My screen time




  • Seeing my friends and my favorite teachers

  • ...and people in general

  • It's so much easier to follow along in class


  • Corona.

  • Masks

  • School feels like it takes up my entire day

  • I spend an hour driving to/from school

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