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A Brief Recap of Parker's 2022 Tennis Season

Following the recent conclusion of the BIIF tennis season, let’s take a look back at Parker’s success. This season presented many opportunities for both individual and team improvement. Once again, the Bulls were permitted to practice on the beautiful Mauna Kea Resort tennis courts, and access to such fabulous facilities and weather allowed for daily practices and growth. The consistently hot and sunny weather also gave us an advantage for at-home matches—which were played at either 11am or 2pm and oftentimes fatigued our opponents who struggled in the heat.

The Parker Bulls boys finished with a 9-2 record, earning a 3rd place finish out of 11 teams. The Hawaii State Debate Tournament happened at the same time as BIIF Championships, meaning that only a fraction of the tennis team was able to compete. Despite only five boys competing in BIIFs, they each won their first match and Kyle Groves and JC Montenegro will represent Parker at the State tournament on Maui.

This successful year was even more impressive due to a lack of coaches and experience in the coaching department. Athletic Director Gregory Dunigan graciously dedicated time and commitment to the tennis team, and we were also supported by tennis star and Coach Teresa Paulson. The accomplishments and smiles of this year’s tennis team were earned in large part by each individual’s passion and love for the game of tennis itself. Every Parker athlete showed sportsmanship and love for the opportunity to be part of this team, and next year Parker will continue to challenge top places on Hawaii Island.

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