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I love you

And by you I mean us

And by us I mean everything

When you stare back with the ethereal eyes of an angelic angel

My heart swells, pressure persists and…POP?

I’m aching now

Why do I hate this? The view that I see

Those eyes are now empty caverns caressing the demons devastating the love within

Just as a bucket fills above the brim

Tears trickle, tainting the cheeks

Memories drain maliciously, without consent

Pat, Pat, Pat

Salty solutions splash physically painless against the floor

Emotionally devastating

Why can I go from love to hate without action, please explain

I received no manual, no instructions, no map to navigate a confused heart


I witnessed my love vanish from my reality

Going, gone far off beyond my own conscious capabilities to retrieve

Where did my love for you go?

I love you, or at least I want to

But my destructive demons within won’t let me

I loved you

And by you I mean us

And by us I mean my reflection staring back at me

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