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6 Perfect Costumes for Halloween 2022

Halloween is quickly approaching and what is Halloween without a costume? If you have yet to get a costume, here are some of the best ideas that are sure to win your annual costume contest!

1. The Bachelorette

(PC/ABC Entertainment)

Do you want to win the group costume category in our annual costume competition? Say no more. Presenting, the best group costume of 2022: the cast of the bachelorette.

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

From the oompa loompas to grandpa joe, there’s endless possibilities! You could even be the chocolate!

3. The Parker Bull

What’s a better way to show your school spirit than dressing up as THE school spirit? That’s right folks, for only $70 (or a trip to the business office), you too can represent your school!

4. Adam Sandler


Uh oh, you forgot to get a Halloween costume, what a nightmare! But hold up, this costume idea is here to save the day. This costume is low effort, but still classy enough to wear to a Halloween party. Problem solved.

5. A Cowboy

I know, cowboys are “basic,” but think of the possibilities! This costume could stand alone, or match up with the bull costume from earlier to create the best couple costume ever!

6. The Plane from Top Gun

(PC/Lockheed Martin)

With the original Top Gun’s wild success and the more recent success of its reboot, it's sure to be a very popular costume this year. If you want to put an original spin on your costume, you could always dress up as the most underrated character!

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