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50 Things to Do Before You Graduate Parker School

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Middle school might seem to crawl by at times, but they say high school goes by in a blink of an eye. What will students take with them long after they graduate? What memories with they keep close? Before students graduate, here are some Must Do Bucket List Items according to Parker Press club members.

  1. Try every item in the snack shop

  2. Steal and decorate bull with your class

  3. Perform in the talent show

  4. Do an epic senior prank

  5. Hike Buster Brown

  6. Get breakfast before school on a late start day (be quirky)

  7. Go to the math lab (Stop, get some helppp)

  8. Participate in an intramural sport

  9. Win X-games

  10. Take a selfie with every single teacher

  11. Dress up in 10/10 fits every day for a spirit week

  12. Go to prom!!! (Slayyy)

  13. Participate in a family meeting game

  14. High five Coach D

  15. Send a google form out to the entire school (everyone loves those)

  16. Be on a varsity sports team

  17. Go to the beach after AP exams

  18. Get boba from Ding Tea in Hilo (FACT: best boba on the island. You can ask Kaya or Acacia for recommendations)

  19. Surf at Honoli’i

  20. Go to a varsity sports game

  21. Have a conversation with a Spanish teacher in Spanish

  22. Panic when the printer breaks down

  23. Be da bull at a sports game

  24. Make it across the monkey bars by FHB

  25. Watch a Parker School play or musical

  26. Participate in a Parker School play or musical

  27. Go to the farmer’s market on Saturday

  28. Take on a leadership position (stuCo, club, any sort of committee, etc.)

  29. Interact with the theater ghost

  30. Discover your favorite snack shop item

  31. Throw your classmate a surprise birthday celebration during passing period as a class in the lower hall

  32. Submit something for Parker Press (wink, wink)

  33. Go all out in decorating your senior locker

  34. Beat Naj at chess (inconceiveable)

  35. Win the annual halloween costume contest

  36. Turn an essay in 48 hours before its due (Yes, that’s a challenge)

  37. Win the US campout lip sync battle

  38. Put something meaningful to you on Ruderman's Wall

  39. Have a class beach day

  40. Join a club (Parker Press is pretty swell)

  41. Be a TA for a teacher

  42. Go to fall BBQ and DOMINATE as a class

  43. Donate the most to the food drive with your class

  44. Make a class photo album with 1000+ photos

  45. Read a book hehe

  46. Have a class movie night

  47. Make an epic promposal (BE EXTRA)

  48. Road trip around the island

  49. Beat the CO’24 at something (WE DARE YOU)

  50. Follow Parker Press on Instagram @parkerpresshawaii and subscribe to our website :D

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