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5 Questions With Selah - Member of the Month for February 2024

Congratulations to Selah Vigil for being nominated for the Member of the Month by her fellow club members for the month of February 2024.

Watch this exclusive interview with Selah:

A interview with Selah Vigil conducted on March 1st, 2024.

Here is what her fellow club members had to say:

"She made a very popular video, and for her being new she has been able to contribute a good few articles, and has given energy into the meeting." - Kenzie Pajinag (writer)

"Selah has been very passionate about her writing and Parker Press in general. She is always getting students to visit the website and check out her new articles/other postings." - Skye Moore (photographer)

"I love SELAH's work! She makes the funniest things ever, especially her debate video" - Angela McDonald (writer)

Thank you Selah for the enthusiasm and commitment you bring to the club! :)

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