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5 Questions With Noah - Member of the Month for September 2023

Congratulations to Noah Nikolai for being nominated for the September Member of the Month by his fellow club members.

Watch this exclusive interview with Noah:

October 20th, 2023: Interview with Noah Nikolai, the September Member of the Month.

Here is what his fellow club members had to say:

"He put a lot of effort into his sports updates and really dedicated himself to producing quality work." - Toby Gordon (writer)

"All the work he’s done to get the sports updates going. Very high quality work." - BJ Daoust (writer)

"His sports review are pretty fire" - Izzy Russo (writer)

"Noah is always respectful and invested in the Parker Press meetings, and he puts a lot of effort into his sports posts. He is an overall strong member of this club." - Skye Moore (photographer)

Thank you Noah for your persistent effort and enthusiasm! You are such a valuable member of the club :)

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