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The Girl Named Malum Chapter 9: Sags of Skin

Entry 001 1/29

It’s a busy day at the hospital, patients of tuberculosis are coming in more frequently than ever. I assigned the nurses to place the infected outside in the sun for fresh air. The reason for this is because of their infected lungs, so fresh air should heal it quite well… For some reason, I can’t find any of my important documents. It's like they’ve been stolen… but why? This has been happening for a while, it all started when the priest started to disappear in weird hours of the day… he comes back at dawn… Anyway, I've observed that the nuns here are also acting weird, disappearing in weird hours of the day., especially the nurses. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but they might have access to drugs or something, but it’s so weird… Nuns follow the path of purity and innocence, none of this makes sense anymore… I have new assistants named  Jonathan and Saul, they're related, which is interesting. They are very loyal to me and obedient. It's a little too much, but I have to deal with it now…  

Next topic, the children here are going through their tests and experiments well. I wonder if switching your lungs with a balloon does anything good… I wonder what other objects we can use for testing… Furthermore, I want the next experiment to be a memorable one… maybe I can find test subjects near the roads downtown… I’ve acquired a new test subject, a female figure with blue hair, and found her naked on the side of the road. Her condition is stable, which is surprising. I’ve noticed that her skin is still warm after being outside in the cold for sometime. There are no signs of trauma. Her brain function is weird, when I was looking through it, there were no veins located inside. No brain functions were working for her. The heart is also something hard to locate, no beating at all. Yet she is still alive. When dissecting her arms, her cuts quickly healed, which isn’t normal… it’s like a reptilian is disguised as a human…. That sounds retarted…. 

As I’m observing her, I noticed that her skin is saggy, like an old woman’s face, yet she’s beautiful… Maybe I should give her something to eat… 

UPDATE: I fed the patient random bags of food that I found in the storage room. Her skin started to look younger. This is such an interesting person, I wonder if she has a rare skin condition… By the way, that bag of food I gave her was in a bloody bag. It looked like intestines, but I guessed it was just really long sausages… I’m gonna run some tests… be back tomorrow….  

The letter cuts off there, no context after that. Victima flipped through the pages; drawings of the muscular system with notes labeled as; “replaceable”. Victima read through them; “To dissect a corpse, go through the rectus abdominis. The lungs and heart will locate above, replace the lungs with balloons and observe how the patient reacts to the replacement. If the patient is breathing, you have done a swell job. If the patient is dead, you’ve failed to be a good doctor. Continue to experiment on the lungs til the patient gets used to their new replacement. Dispose any unnecessary body parts if necessary. Do not stop your operation if the patient screams in pain, this is only for their own good, no matter what.”. The next pages were covered in blood, It was hard to make out what was written, Victima could tell it was medical notes on patients, but this was just a guess. He closed the notebook, he felt like one reading through was enough. He stared at his feet, there were only two questions going around in his mind; Why would a human do this to a kid…? And How will I get out of here…? He shook his head, he would be more disgusted if he thought about it more further. He looked around, the land around him was quiet, the slightest sound would echo across. “The only way I Know how to get out of here is through the beach, but the only way I know  how to get there is music…” he thought for a moment “Heartaches by Al Bowey, was the song that drawed me to Malum… now that I think of it, music always appears when she’s near…”. 

Suddenly, a nostalgic tune started to echo around him, the music was far, but closeMalum was near… Victima froze in fear, he held his breath, his eyes were wide open. Growls and screeches started to echo, the voices sounded far and distorted, he could only make out; “love me…make you love me… L̶̨̻̍̽̈́O̸̭͖͊͘V̵͔͍̗̂̃͘Ę̷̖̰͊̇ ̶̗̜͜͝M̴̰͌̾E̴̡̩̾”. The voice sounded louder each minute passed, it made Victima more terrified. But, Victima knew that he couldn’t stay in one place forever, he finally moved a muscle and walked down the sand dune toward the noise. HE knew it was a stupid move, but he thought it was a way to escape, if the voice came here, it had to come from somewhere. As Victima began to walk further, the screaming began to sound dreadfully ear splitting. His ears are in pain, groaning in agony. “W-what the hell is that?” he looked around “Where is that coming from!?”. The screams were coming from the south, he began walking in that direction. Covering his ears didn’t help block out the noise, it was like the closer he got, the more deafening it was. It wasn’t that long till he found the source of the noise.

  He peeked over the edge to see a monstrous figure, its skin was peeled, some of its organs were pouring out, its face was having trouble keeping itself together. Its limbs were skinny and bone-like, the figure’s skin dragged on the ground with its jaw hanging below. The smell was horrid, the slightest breath would make you spit out your organs. Victima fell back in fear, the monster peaked up and growled and its heavy foot prints began walking towards Victima. He began to scoot away quickly to avoid being seen, but something caught the monster’s attention and ran towards it. Victima heard blood curdling screams from afar, he crawled back and looked over the sand dune. His eyes widened, the scene was traumatizing to him; The monster gnarled at a figure, it was a small human, roughly around the age of ten,Victima guessed. He watched as the creature tore apart the child, bit by bit. It’s organs being thrown around and consumed. The child stopped screaming, its eyes were pale and dark; The child was dead before they knew it. Victima threw up, spewing out blood and… his heart? Victima’s eyes widened; he was terrified at what he was seeing. His breath became shaky and his eyes shrunk, he stopped paying attention to the creature and stared at his beating heart that was spewing out blood. He shook his head and tried to control his breath, but he noticed something; the blood began to shape letters. It read “When a heart escapes its hollow prison, the disease will spread to the host and make a next meal…”. Victima gasped, he knew this was a hint at Malum’s plan, he quickly tried to grab his heart, but he failed to. The heart sunk into the sand, Victima screamed as he started to tear up. He dug into the sand to look for his heart, but there was no sign of it. He looked back at the creature, it was gulping down the child’s body, Victima threw up in his mouth. Suddenly, tentacles of flesh rose from the sand and held an object; his heart. The monster screeched and snatched it, it ate the heart in seconds, not even bothering to chew. 

Music began to play, but Victima didn’t understand, where was Malum? But then it hit him, she was right in front of him… He turned back, the monster's body began to break and snap, the skin began to draw back. But then suddenly, the monster’s process began to stop, it went back to its original form. It cried and screeched, its voice was distorted as it talked. It sounded like multiple voices in one body, Victim's mind lit up, but he was afraid to think it was true; All these voices… all these victims she killed, the voice is what she uses to mimic them… What was Malum’s true voice…? Could she be mimicking appearances this entire time…? Was she always with me… He felt empty on the inside and deeply emotional…         

He looked at the creature, he took in the appearance, he knew it was Malum and there was no way of debunking it… Suddenly, the creature screamed as it burrowed into the sand and disappeared. Victima ran after it, he came to the beach and saw a flesh-like hole, blood was around it. Victima shook, it was uncomfortable hearing the sounds of the flesh moving and the stench… “Here goes nothing…” he fell down the hole as he held his breath. The opening closed leaving him in complete… darkness.      

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