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The Girl Named Malum Chapter 8: The Lovers

"Thank you for doing my dirty work, Victima,” the doctor said, looming over the boy. “Now, we will take this little game of mine and make it fun." The doctor raised their hand over the victim's head and said, “Now, it is time to erase this moment from your memory." The doctor latched their hands on the victim's head; they pierced their nails into his skull and began to draw blood from there. The victim's eyes rolled back, and his mouth started to foam. The doctor’s eyes narrowed, and a spark of crimson glowed from their eyes. “You will fade away under the sun's rays, your mind will become mushy, and your memories will come clean. You will not remember the touch of an angel, nor will you remember that a god exists. You will remain normal till I pity you and strike your death." They pulled their nails out of his skull, blood shot out, and Victima fell to the floor. He twitched on the floor and groaned. The doctor observed this from a distance. Their skin bubbled and oozed blood; soon, a huge layer of skin was barfed out. The skin of the old doctor, David, crawled around and moaned. Malum whipped the blood from her now-bright blue lips. “Ever since I took your skin, I was able to be creative with my appearance, Dr. David; now I will seem more attractive to other fools; it will be easier to get more victims." “Get up, boy," she said as she walked over to Victima and yanked on his hair. “Wake up; it's done now."

Victima blinks awake. He stared at Malum, but his mind was still a bit groggy. He groaned, "W-what? What happened…?”. Malum tightened her grip on his hair, and she smiled, “Oh silly, you passed out during our date!~” She said it sweetly, but her eyes looked evil and terrifying. Victima blinks again. “Malum? Is that really you?” He leaned forward with his hand to touch her face. "Malum, is this real?”. Malum placed his hand on her face and said, “It’s me, baby; I’m here now." She pulled Victima into a tight hug. “Malum your hair." Victima ran his hands through, “When did it get so many layers? Better yet, so many colors. The victim noticed Malum’s hair was straight, her lips were a bright blue, and so were her lashes. “Malum…why so…blue?” Victima was questioned; his pupils were in the shape of hearts. Malum chuckled cutely at his joke. “I made myself pretty for you." She pulled him to his feet. Victima groaned and rubbed his head. “What the hell? Why are we in a church?" Malum chuckled. “For our date, silly!" She twirled Victima around and asked, “Isn’t this fun!?”. Victima sighed, “M-malum, this is a church; the only people who enjoy churches are a bit crazy." Malum laughed, “crazy!? Have you seen the drunkards and addicts?”. “I’m just saying..." Victima turned away, Malum tensed up, and her hair started to stand a bit. “Look at me!” she screamed. “Look at how beautiful I am!”. Victima jolted up; her voice pierced his ears. "Wow! Malum!”. He rubbed his ears, pulled away, and saw blood on the tips of his fingers. His heartbeat stopped, and his face was starting to sweat. In a hurry, he felt the other ear, yet this time it was bleeding more than the other. He screamed and fell to the floor. "MALUM, WHAT DID YOU DO!?”. Malum tilted her head. “Do what?” Victima stared at her. "Y-you... You just made my ears bleed!”. Malum smirked, her eyes looking at him seductively. “Get over it; you're being dramatic.” Her voice sounded tired. She turned around and walked away, her shoes clicking against the echoey floor. Victima scurried towards her and said, “Don’t leave me here!”. She looked at him and rolled her eyes. "You're boring... I should get another boyfriend who always pleases me. Victima tensed up, and a tear fell down his cheek. “Oh? Is someone sensitive? Like…grow up…” Malum said coldly, “If you love me, you would stop being a big baby." Victima looked away and said, "Look at me! Don’t be pathetic! STOP BEING SUCH A WIMP!”. The victim jolted, "I-I-." “Shut up; I can’t believe I love you." Victima stared empty at her in shock, his eyes filled with grief and disappointment. Before he knew it, Malum disappeared from sight. He looked around for his love, but no sight of her was found. He started to tear up, then he started to cry, and then... his eyes began to bawl out. He fell to his knees and screamed his heart out. His heart felt empty and dark, like true happiness had left him in sorrow for good. He laid on the dirt ground and sobbed, “I don’t want to be alone again. "Ex-after-ex family after family, no matter what, in a room full of people, I will be alone on the inside.". Victima closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep. The sun shone over him, and the breeze flew around. He was alone with his thoughts and heart.

Suddenly, Victima was shaken awake by a rough move. He turned around to see two figures: an edgy-looking woman and a casual-looking man. The two had an empty look of judgment on their faces. “Handsome, is this girl's partner? Poor things look like crap, the man said, looking the woman’s way, “he" The woman looked at her partner, confused. “Babe what? "What do you mean by ‘lol’?” He chuckled at her response: “I swear to God!" She yelled, “You always have to laugh at the stupidest crap sometimes, right?" He looked at her lovingly and said, “Beautiful, you love me too much to get mad at me." Her cheeks flushed. "Oh, shut up!” She looked away, embarrassed, and turned her attention to Victima. “Sigh… you there, you're coming with us." She stepped closer to the boy and asked, "Who are you, people!?” He screamed, “Stay back!”. She stopped. “My name is Domina; you address me by ma'am, and you will show respect towards my husband. Understand,  boy?” Her voice echoed powerfully. She stared down at Victima, her eyes narrowing, and a flash of crimson sparked in her eyes. Victima wiped the sweat off his forehead. " can’t make me go with you!” He got up quickly and ran. Domina sighed and rubbed her forehead. “Want me to catch him, mi amor?” Her husband said, rubbing her back to calm her down, “No, I must do this alone." As she began to walk off, her husband twirled her around and ran off to get the boy instead. “That cute idiot..." she mumbled as she ran after him.

Victima ran behind a dumpster and hid. His heart was beating uncontrollably, and so was his breath. Victima dropped to the floor and cried, "M-Malum, come back." As he sobbed, Domina’s husband tapped Victims on the shoulder and said, "Kid, you really need to come with us." Victima screeched and jumped, his foot accidentally kicking the man’s face. “Ow! Oh, you little-!” The man grabbed Victima by the shirt and dragged him back to Domina. Victima screamed and kicked, trying to pull away from the husband’s grasp, but he failed to do so. "Here my love, I caught the little punk." He placed Victima on the floor. “His eyes are baggy and his face is dirty; has he been cleaning? Or has his abusive foster parents been affecting his mental health badly?” Domina looked at Victima. “Child… When did you get so lonely?”. Victima tensed up and asked, “How do you know I have foster parents!?” “We’ve always been watching you, Victima. Say, how are those @sshole parents of yours?”. Her husband butted in, “Their dead dear, that thing killed them…” Domina jumped around happily. “Yay! They're finally dead!”. She twirled around and jumped. “Don’t worry, I know she's kind of crazy, but I love that woman." Her husband said with dreamy eyes, “She has never gotten far with helping you and your siblings leave that so-called ‘Happy House’...”. Domina calmed down. “Back to seriousness! Child, come with us; we have something to tell you." The world around him started to spin, and so did his head. He collapsed to the ground and became unconscious. With a sudden tap, Victima woke up in a 50’s diner; the place was busy and loud, catchy music was playing. Victima rubbed his eyes. “How did I get here?" He scanned the area and spotted the couple; they were ordering food and coming back to the table he was sitting at. The two sat down and stared at Victima. “That ‘girlfriend’ of yours is not what you think she is." Domina said it seriously. “She is a big threat to the world, and you shouldn’t be around her; you shouldn’t even see her at all!”. Victima stared at the two and said, “What do you mean? I know she's rude and mean, but I don't understand how she is a threat." Domina sighed. Should we really tell him the truth? She whispered to her husband, I don’t know, babe he replied If we do, his head might explode. or he will think we’re crazy. They looked back. “This is just a warning, boy." Domina said, “Stay away from that girl." Victima blinked, “And why should I stay away from my girlfriend!?” Domina sighed. “Have you experienced weird phenomena lately? Tell us the  truth."Victima looked around. The tree incident, her random outburst in the church, and her appearing on the grayscale beach... He thought to himself Ugh, f#ck it. "Yes, I have experienced multiple incidents." The couple's hair rose, and they stared at each other in worry. “What's wrong?” Vctima asked, “There are so many things wrong, Victima," to which they replied. “That woman is a manipulative little brat who will do anything to get what she wants, through force and sometimes death." Domina sighed. “I advise you to erase any contact with her." “But she always comes back." “Oh no, it's all starting to happen now.". “What is that supposed to mean!?” Victima screamed, “She is dangerous; you must stay away from her! No matter what she says, no matter how seductive she looks, you must stay away!” Domina said, "Yes, please listen to Domina; she is telling the truth!” the husband replied. Victima stared at the man, annoyed. “Why should I listen to you!? I don’t even know your name!” The man sighed. “My name is Lucis." “So no…? Like addressing you in a respectful way?” Victima questioned: “No, that’s stupid," the man replied, annoyed. The couple looked at each other and back at Victima. “I think our stay has been too long... We must go, Victima." Victima jolted, “What!? But I just met you!”. Domina grabbed Victima’s hands and placed something inside:Never take this off." Before he knew it, the couple disappeared.

Victima looked into his hands; it was an owl, carved in the gemstone turquoise. It was in the style of a Rosaria necklace. Victima placed the necklace around his neck. The gemstone felt cold around his chest, but he felt a sense of calm. He closed his eyes and took a breath. He tried to put his mind at peace. Suddenly, heel taps were heard behind him. Victima turned around quickly, and his eyes widened. It was Malum. “M-malum?” His voice shook, she smiled, and her eyes narrowed. “You think I’d leave you alone? I was always  watching..." The veins in her face were starting to show clearly, and her eyes started to shrink. “And you dared to talk to those people! I am nothing of a danger unless you find me to  be…”.

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