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The Girl Named Malum Chapter 5: Return To Me

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

What is love? Love is a curse for many, love is a curse brought from hell, it brings great sorrow to us, do you believe there is a god out there that makes us feel this way? Is there a reason why you're like this? Why are you like this? Why are you like this in the first place? Why are you in love? Why are you not in love? Why even love when the person you love most probably has an ideal someone that isn't you…? Why even live…why suffer more…why even look at the beautiful sunset with them…why look at their happy faces…why look at their happiness…they are lying to you…like they lied to me…do not take their pity…they are lying to you..don't listen to-The head doctor signed in frustration, as his assistant looked down in fear-Do not interrupt me, I am explaining the main problem of humans today…being accepted and all they want..yet it is all a lie…question existence…why are we here…why was love invented…why do we need to be loved..-The doctor turned around and sighed, “shall we head to church now-DO NOT GO TO CHURCH…! IT'S ALL A LIE! IT'S ALL A LIE! THE SYSTEM IS A LIE! THIS ISN’T REAL! DON’T GO TO-”I guess-I mean, yes sir, we shall go to church and be cleansed once more…” the assistant said, opening the door for the head doctor. “Let me help you sir…” the other said, holding the doctor as they helped him walk out the door. “Do you think she’ll escape the incinerator?” one asked quietly, “I don’t think so…I strapped her down tightly…” the other said. They walked towards the main hall and to the corridors, yet they were stopped by staff. “Oh, hello doctor!” they said happily as they squinted their eyes “your names are…?”. The staff looked at the assistants as they looked at each other, “u-um..I go by…u-um J-Jonathan..” said the assistant. The other looked up and coldly as he said his name without hesitation “my name is Saul”. Saul grunted and held the doctor while they tried to help him walk, “take care of David for me…please…” the staff member spoke quietly and dreadfully, it was like…they had some David. “Y-yes” Jonathan said nervously as they walked away. “Who was that sir?” Saul asked, the doctor sighed as he wiped away his sweat “they are an old acquaintance of mine…they aren't staff at all, they do that normally, yet they mean no harm”. The doctor chuckled as Saul and Jonathan looked at each other…worried. “They aren’t staff!? Sir we have a strict rule that the church abides by! You know what will happen-”, the doctor interrupted them “I don’t care what that church does, this is my life and I will live it how I want to”, “S-sorry sir” they both said.

They walked towards the church, its structure loomed over the sanitorium, creepily, yet the church held more power than the hospital itself. Decisions were made by the church itself, anything that wasn’t permitted  in the bible was either supposed to hurt the person worse or bring upon torture to the person. The church wouldn’t allow inmates to abort, they wouldn’t allow justice to those who've been assaulted, they never raised a hand when a child was beaten to death

They entered the church with their heads down. They sat down in seats and joined in prayer .“Through Him, with Him, in Him in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours, almighty Father, forever and ever…” the priest breached his speech as he prayed at the podium “Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…”. All the guests came forth in a line and met with the priest, being blessed with each drop of water he laid on them. 

The doctor came into eye contact with the priest, his eyes sensed tension between the holy father and himself. “Why hello again, doctor” the priest said coldly “here to pay your tax to the church?”. The doctor laughed “I own this whole plot-”. The priest interrupted him “I own the hospital, doctor, you used to own this plot..”.The priest chuckled and whispered to the doctor “now leave before I have to shoot you,like I shot your mother…”. The doctor stared at the priest with the deadliest eyes “you took my mother from me you monster! You r-”. The priest cut him off and grabbed him by the throat “You were a mistake to begin with, when I took her innocence away, she brought you into the world!”. The doctor tried to keep his tears in his eyes “she was only eleven years old! You shouldn’t be allowed to serve the father and the holy son in the first place!”. The priest sighed and looked at the stares from them “she wasn't a fun toy to play with anyway, I have other things to play with, now you're excused..”. The priest walked away and into the back of the church. 

Joanathan and Saul looked at each other worried and terrified, the doctor looked down and sighed aggressively. “Let's get the hell out of here…” the doctor pushed aside his assistants and stormed outside the church. “The doctor is…upset” Saul said as they followed behind him, “you know, what the priest said right?” Jonathan asked “his mother was-”. Saul interrupted him “we mustn't talk about a sensitive topic that affects both sides of the world, plus, it is not kind to talk about a person behind their back...”. Jonathan looked down and sighed “I feel bad about it, should we do something about this?”Saul sighed “there is nothing we can do about it, once it's been done you can't go back…’. They walked back to the hospital in a distraught mood while overlooking patients. “The doctor is cruel, yet for a reason he pays his kindness towards the inmates..” Saul said softly “he is cruel for a reason, a reason I can't explain, but inmates confined here are ordered by the church to be…”. Jonathan looked down “do you believe that…thing…really isn’t human?” Saul stopped walking “what thing?”. Jonathan sighed “the thing we burned..”, Saul smiled and chuckled “yes and no, I’ve heard many angels come down to earth in many forms, this thing…I have no idea what that thing is…”. 

They caught up to the doctor and followed him inside, “check on that body in the basement..” David said coldly “and make me cigarettes from the ash…”. The assistants nodded and quickly ran downstairs. “Do you think she’s done being burned?” Jonathan asked as they ran down the spiral staircase, “it has been at least..ten days since we last put her down there, she should be ready…”. They went through iron doors and cages, secret entrances and openings to get to the incinerator. They opened the last door and went inside, the room smelled like mold and dust. It felt like an old church that had been left alone for too long. “How do we make cigarettes again?” Jonathan asked, “Well, we haven’t been outside the hospital, we can only be taught through books and hearings…” Saul said, unlatching the metal door to wear Malum’s body was. The door creaked open and some dust spat out, the two coughed and sneezed. “And I thought pollen season was worse” Jonathan said while wheezing, “get your act together we're here to collect dust” Saul said coldly. Saul found a cloth and placed it over his mouth “this smells like horse crap..”, they opened the door wide and pulled out their light and looked inside… nothing was there… “OH SH-” Saul was cut off from horrified screams from above, “what was that? What's going on!?” Jonathan spoke with fear “are we gonna die!?”. Saul slapped Jonathan across the face “shut up! We’re investigating upstairs!”. Saul grabbed Jonathan and dragged him back upstairs. The screams grew louder and more heart-breaking. They could both hear the cries of children and the pleas of the elderly, they knew that what they did wasn’t right, it was for the church’s sake to bring torture upon inmates, but deep down, they wanted to keep everyone in the ward safe. Saul kicked down the entrance to the basement and ran towards the main hall with Jonathan. 

As they pushed through the huge doors, the walls were covered with blood and organs. The fans were wrapped with intestines and bone. The pair looked horrified and disgusted, Jonathan threw up. Saul looked around, children and women, elderly and men, bodies scattered across the floor and their bodies ripped open and displayed on the walls. Their parts were used as decorations to write out words…’Angels’ and ‘God Is A Lie’. Saul shaked his head and grabbed Jonathan “don’t look at them..”, they dragged them through the hall, but it got worse with each turn, the blood began to cover more surface then someone could ever imagine. It was like a red world, filled with ripped apart bodies of children and adults. The pair became more draught, Jonathan wanted to leave, he just wanted to wither away with the rotten corpses and the flesh eating maggots, Saul just wanted an explanation… Yet a sorrowful voice echoed through the halls ``I killed them…I killed them all…they're all dead…they're all dead because of me…” . Saul stopped “it sounds like the doctor…”, Saul ran with Jonathan to the voice, but something else appeared in the hearing range, a distorted voice, something that was deep and raged. “Ỵ̷̮̿͆̃o̴̡̮͈͖̿ṷ̷̖̭͕͠ ̸̰́̽k̴̫̺̭͓͑̃i̴͍̮͓̓l̸̖̗͓̱̄̀ḽ̸̈́ę̴̣̈́͝d̴̜͋ ̴̨͍͇́̐̇̈t̵͔̼̄̈́̇͒ͅh̶̺̠̽ę̸͉͍̅ḿ̴̪̲͍̂̎.̴̨̳͍̺̾̏̃͝.̴̝͛͒̈́̃.̷̹̦͍͈̃y̷̖͍̝̰̆̓o̴̥͍̿u̷̟͌͐ ̷̘͓̻͝ḳ̵̂̏͌͝i̶͓̥̮͗͗̈̀l̸̦̗͍̔͂̔̾l̷͖̲̔̃̈̚e̸̳͈͑̓d̴̗͕́ ̵͓͙̽̽͜ẗ̸̛̠̺̻͋h̴̺̝̀͐͐̈́ė̷̘̯͝͝m̶͍̄.̷̧̖̰͆͊̌̒.̷̮̜́̊̽͘.̶̪̀͂y̴̗͑o̸̪̠̹̟̔͘u̵̘͂̎̓͝ ̶̗̐ͅḳ̷͔̫̾͗̒n̴̨̉̍ͅǫ̶̫͕̾̑̌̓w̴̧̺̃̔̐ͅ ̶̰̼̖̓̅͑̚y̴̨̛̜͌̚o̷̪͛̌u̴̫͕̣̲͒̿͗͠ ̶̢̬̙̓́̍k̶͕̰͎͗̒̕i̶̦̒l̵͖̭̾̊l̷̜̗̲̇̂̑ę̴̧̄͛̐̕d̷̛̜͇̖̿͐ ̸̼̒͊́͒͜t̶̜̦̎̓̕h̶͙͌̄̈̇ẽ̷̯̺̘̇̈́m̵͔̣̑͒͒.̵̙̭̫̝͗̿̊̿.̸̤̑̚͜ͅ.̸̩̗̌̑͐̕y̵̧̫̗͚͌o̶͉̠̯̜͆͆u̶̯̬͖͖͋r̶̥̔ ̵̡̥̘̗͝ḁ̴̝̊ ̴͓̩͉̄̋̚͝m̴͚̥̑͝ȋ̵͙̹̇̀s̶̞̰̫̜̈́t̸̯̬̩̓́͗̋a̵̟͆ḱ̷͓̩̾ȇ̸̛ͅ.̵͖͓̠͒̇̀.̴̨̪͕͉͑̍͝.̸̘͕̄̐̄̇y̶̡̟͊̑̽o̶̩̹̘̮͋͝ṳ̸̧̯̰͝͠ ̵̼̩͉͂w̶͖̓͋̇̈́ë̵̟́̋r̷̨̻̻̭͂̀͆̚e̶̤̔͐͠ ̸̞̿̒ȧ̸̺̑͠l̷̰͙͐ẃ̷̙̗͈̤̾̈̕a̴̯͛͑y̶͖̞̓͌͆ś̶̝̬̐͌ ̴̡̣͍̒̂a̷̻͒̽̆ ̴͓̭͒m̴̡͎̈́ī̴̢̉s̶̱̈́̿̓͝t̵̬̦́̏a̶̱͍͋́͂k̷͙͍̫̃͆͊e̵̪͍͎̍.̵̙͎̯̐̏̚.̵͓̙̍̇͐͘.̴̥̌y̷̹̙̯̩̾ō̴̮̙̈ú̷̻̔̆͝ ̶̘̾̂͐͝d̴̥̎̎ͅe̷̞̪͑̓͜s̷̩͚̜̉͝ȩ̴̬̠̊̔r̴̪͍̾̇̚v̴̳̇̓e̶̘̜͖͒̈̃̓ͅ ̴̞̟̥͖̀ṭ̸̽͊̚o̷̖͔̍̓ ̶̠̊͛d̸͕̘͑ḭ̴̧͍̼̔e̷͇̿̌̒ͅ ̷̺̬̥̄l̴̛̺̪̑̚i̷̤̓̾͝k̷̩̹̃e̸̛͍̼̬͌͠ ̵͚̖̣̌ỳ̵̼̗̆̒o̵͇͓̦͑̃͠ū̶̗̦̫́͛r̷̹̉ ̸̨͇̬̝̀́m̵͔̂o̵̗̻̫̥͐t̵̤̤̯͛̓̍h̷͕̥̩͙͌̇e̶̪̬͈͉͆r̶̫̤̂̽͂̓ͅ ̵̜̏͋̌d̴̢͉̜̯͒͋̉i̷̢̡̺͉̓̽͑̎ḓ̶̠̥͒̎̆͠.̶̢̢̭̜̂͠͝.̶̧̀̌̔.̷̬̜̙̀” the voice echoed through the halls, it pierced the two’s ears, it was like nails being impenetrabled into their body. “Make it stop…make it stop…” the doctor cried “I didn’t mean to kill them…I didn’t mean to be born…”. The two finally made it to the doctor, but were faced with a horrifying scene… The room was red…too red, a scene covered with body parts and blood, the doctor covered in inmates fluids and a floating figure illuminating light around the doctor's head… its body was disfigured and its neck was twisted and snapped, yet its wings remained graceful and elegant. It was… Malum… Saul looked at the figure, Its mind controlling the doctor they said to themselves. Saul dragged Jonathan behind a desk, “Jonathan I need you to call for help, no matter what you do, don’t come back inside…now go!”. Jonathan nodded and ran the other way, Saul sighed and looked over the desk, the figure whispered into the doctor’s head, manipulating him to take responsibility for the actions Malum did. Saul creeped behind the figure and stood underneath it, they looked over their shoulder and saw a sharp piece of glass. They grabbed it and held it close, Saul took a breath and looked up… they were met face to face with Malum snapping her head back at them. Her eyes were soaked with blood and murder, her smile curved all the way to the top of her face. “Son of a b-” Saul’s head was ripped from their body, Malum grabbed its and chuckled insanely “H̵̺̙̦̩̐̓̾͝͝ę̸̋̃͝h̷̩̲̒̇̔͝e̴̢̛̳̟̔̿̀̊e̶̹̯̱̤͌̈~̶̩̓̈̓̌̐ ̵̜̖̞̏͝İ̴̮̓́ ̸̨͂h̸̪͓̀͊͆a̸̡̰̓͛͆v̴̧̼̜̯̑́͆͗͝ͅȩ̵̱̿̂ ̸͉̖̄a̶͙̣͍̤͌ ̵̡͚̭̰͆̆́̃̑ǹ̶̡̫͖̖͠e̵̬̮̯̠͆̀̈́̀ͅw̵̼̔̄̀ ̶̗̾t̸̗̫̻͛̄̀͊͐r̶̟̯̪̎̅̇̋e̶̤̼͍̗̓ä̷̘̝͔̍̓̅ͅt̴͉̦̻͕̪̀̋̊̀̃,̴̘͎̰̣̃̑̈́͒ ̴͙͝ḁ̶̈ ̷̗͆͠n̷̢͖̆̀̈́̐ȩ̵͓̤̽͐́͒́w̵̭̱͗͒͋͒̎ ̸͈̞͝t̵̝̫̥̳̮́̔ȑ̴͉e̶̩̭̠͗a̸̝̫̔̏̂̃t̶͍̽͒,̷̠̩̤̾ ̷̗̥̐a̷̼̪̠͉̖͂̓̈́̈́ ̴̦͇͔̤̓̐̀̽̑ṋ̶̙͓̗̹͐̎͒̃̃e̶̜̟̫͋̐ͅw̸͓̭͛͆͝ ̴͈͖̂͂ţ̴̺̦̯̪̉͌̏͠r̴͈͆̋ȅ̸̫̗̙͉͆͑̆̾͜a̷̧̗͚͉͛͌͗̊̽t̶̗̣̖̳̓́͜ ̶̺͕̳͋̀̃f̵͔̍̄͠ò̴̞͆̉̕ȑ̶̗̪͖͍̔̎̂͘ ̵͍̻̈́̌̋̚͝m̵͉̰͕̜̆̄͝ę̴͔̓̂͝!̸͕̺̻̮͝͠. Malum raised the head and her jaw extended to unspeakable lengths, she dropped the head inside her mouth and swallowed it whole. She licked her lips and looked back down at the doctor who stared at her with worry and pleading. “P-please god..take me from my sins…please…” the doctor in sorrow cried “please let me be with mother…”. Malum smiled and extended the doctor’s jaw as his mouth began to slowly rip apart and bleed. "̷̣̓̃Ŷ̸͓̬ö̷̺̓ų̷̄̌ȑ̵͖̦ ̵̲̑t̷̺͒̊i̶̲͂̀m̴̪̤͐ȅ̸̥͝ ̶̮̲͛i̴̘͛s̷̝̊ ̴̯̈́n̶̹̓̓o̴̪̓̽ͅṱ̶̌̀ ̸͎͌ḓ̸̟̿o̷̬͔͝ṇ̸̨̅e̵̳̎͠ ̵̹̉͝y̵͇͛͐è̴͜ṫ̸͎̲̍ ̸̙̩͂̏m̷͍̾͜y̵͙̗͑ ̸̯͇̏ṱ̶̼̇̾ǫ̵͘ȳ̸ͅ,̷̫̊̒ ̸̮̳̈́͋Ḯ̴̤͜ ̷̱̃h̶̜͗á̶͉̖v̴̝͉̈e̵̮̟̾ ̸̬͕̋à̸̜ ̵͍͘f̵͕̓̇͜e̷͉͎̕ẃ̸̢ ̷̣̝̽m̶͙͝͠o̸̯̎͂ͅŗ̷͚̍̄e̶̦̊͆ ̵̯̾t̶͍̒h̶͚̏i̶̪̙͊̑n̵̼̈g̴͉͉̿s̵͈̓ ̴̜̣̓̔t̵͍͕͐o̶̫͘͠ ̴̱̿d̷̀͜e̷̮͝͠a̵̰͆l̸̖̻̀ ̶͈͒w̶͍̙̕ī̸̺͔t̶̰͙̂̓h̷̩̀.̵̡͝͠.̶̳͗͆.̶̞͊̾"̷̖̹̿ Malum smiled and wrapped herself inside of the doctor's mouth. 

The doctor’s body bent and snapped, the arms and legs extended and twisted, the eyes rolled and the head bled, Malum would be whole… She morphed into the body as she snapped the head back into place. The body looked stretched on her… her smile curved and stretched the skin of her new body…

I see you…I see you…I see you through the screens…reading a story… This isn’t a story…This is MY…story…

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