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Student Sports Spotlight Pt 1: Jennifer Koranda

For the first installation of our Student Sports Spotlight, I got to sit down with Jennifer Koranda, a second year Varsity Tennis player, to reflect on her season. Jennifer played doubles this year with Rovi Afaga, a senior varsity player.

What has been the best part of the season?

You see, that’s an interesting question to answer. The fun games we play at the end of tennis practice are super fun, like around the world, and king of the court, because it’s always great to see everyone’s competitive spirits come out.

What was your favorite match from this season?

My favorite match was in Kea’au, because Rovi and I played really hard, and we brought the game to a tiebreaker. Even though we didn’t win, we communicated really well, and fought hard.

What were your goals for the season? Did you achieve them?

My goal was to continue to work hard and gain a more advanced skill set, and I achieved it for the most part, but I definitely want to gain more advanced skills before I fully feel like I am able to do it all.

Goals for next season?

My goal for next season is to get a better serve.

Anything else you would like to add?

Tennis is so much fun, and I recommend everyone tries it next year!

PC/Brian Koranda

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