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Parker’s Track and Field Team is Back at It

The spring sports season is here! The track and field team has been working very hard this past month and has competed in two meets. The team may be on the smaller side, with only 13 participants, but that doesn't stop them from being totally awesome! This year's team is split into four sections: Sprints, Mid-Distance, Long-Distance, and Jumps/Throws. 

The sprinting team focuses on the shorter races, like the 100 and 200-meter races. With three people running these distances, they have been working very hard to get faster over the shorter distances. Matty Wallman, Sophia Scholz, and Elayna Henderson compete with the sprinters, and have had strong showings at the past two meets. They have all gotten personal records over the past weeks, and are ready to blow the competition away at the next meet.

The Mid Distance team races in events like the 400 and 800 meters, which consist of one and two laps around the track at high speeds. Mid-Distance is super hard, but Isabel Camp, Gibson McIntosh, and Nisha Poag have been killing it! They only attended the first meet at Kamehameha, but they all did very well! Isabel placed eighth in the 800, which was an excellent showing for her first-ever track meet! Together, with Elayna, the girls also made up the 4x100 meter relay, where they placed 6th overall, allowing the girls to earn points as a team at their first meet of the season.

The Long Distance crew has been another shining star of the team. Racing in the 1500-meters and 3-kilometer races, Toby Gordon, Kai Garcia-Tobar, and Noah Nikolai have been doing incredibly well! All three of them have had outstanding showings in their races, which are definitely tough. The three of them competed at the Kamehameha meet together, and also earned points for the boys team, with Toby placing 4th, Kai 6th, and Noah 7th in the 3k. Only Toby competed at the second race at Kealakehe, where he PRed in both events, and went sub-5 minutes in the 1500!

The final section of the team is the Jumping/Throwing team. With just one jumper this year, Noah Nikolai has been doing really well in long jump! He placed 15th overall at his first meet. The throwing team, made up of Kennedi-Grace Magaoay, Itehani Tuifua, Ava Harris, Nisha Poag, and Elayna Henderson, has yet to compete in a meet. They have been practicing hard, and are ready to break some PRs at their upcoming meets.

The team’s next meet is less than a week away, on Saturday, March 30th at HPA starting at 9:00am. If you have nothing to do before prom, I recommend coming out to support! They’ll be there most of the day, and are going to kick some serious butt!

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