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Member of the Month for February 2022: Bethany

Updated: May 5, 2022

The members of Parker Press are very proud to announce the member of the month for the month of February. Drum roll please… Bethany Stimac!

Bethany’s recognition is long overdue, as she is always eager to share her original poetry every single week. She has such a way with words, and her poems are intriguing and evocative. Reading her poetry is sure to make your day and on the poetry section of the website there are over 30 to choose from!

Here is what some of club members that nominated her had to say:

"Her poetry is pretty rad and she is very consistent" - Isabella Russo, a writer of the Parker Press.

"She always puts a lot of effort into her poetry for every posting" - Lucas Koranda, a member of the graphic design team.

"[She] consistently posts beautiful poetry" - Jessica Sprinkle, a writer.

Check out Bethany's most recent poetry:

Thank you Bethany for all your exemplary writing and dedication to the club. You are amazing!!!

You can read more about Bethany on the about us page of our website!

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