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Get to Know Pt. 2: Brandon Rogers

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Stepping into a position at a new school is never an easy job, and in the midst of global chaos, this transition is bound to be even more challenging than normal. Despite these obstacles, Brandon Rogers has entered Parker School with openness, dedication, and years of experience. His sympathy for the student body and desire for creating the best possible learning environment have made him a great fit for our school community. We interviewed Mr. Rogers to learn a little bit more about his life and what drives him.

Why did you choose to come to Hawaii? Did the pandemic have any influence on your move from Italy to here?

I don’t think moving here had anything to do with the pandemic, at least not consciously. We were living in a very cold-culture part of Italy, and it was very hard to break into the community there. We decided we wanted to move back to the United States, but we liked being part of a unique culture so Hawaii really appealed to us. I wanted to find a place with a very strong community, and during the interviews at Parker it became apparent just how great the sense of community is here.

What’s your middle name?

Clay. Brandon Clay Rogers.

What are your favorite hobbies and/or pastimes?

I used to play soccer, and I even played weekly faculty games every Friday when I was at an international school in Atlanta. Sadly I have some back problems from soccer, but everytime I play it is worth it. I also love movies, and one of the things that has broken my heart with the Covid-19 pandemic is not being able to go to a movie theatre.

What’s your favorite movie?

Well a recent movie I really enjoyed was Tenet, and I’m a big fan of all the Christopher Nolan films.

Tea or coffee?


You used to be a teacher, can you tell us a little bit about what it was you taught?

I used to be an English teacher up until about four years ago. I taught an English class that I miss and would love to at some point bring to Parker. It is called “Theory of Knowledge” and intertwines philosophy, critical thinking, and a lot of the elements you all are experiencing in Po’s class.

How did you make the journey from being a teacher to where you are today?

So I taught at a public school for four years, took a few years off for graduate school, and then taught English to grades six all the way through seniors. At the international school I then became department chair and eventually head of languages, so it was a fairly gradual shift from teaching to where I am today.

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