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The Girl Named Malum Chapter 2: The Blood Soaked Sea

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Malum’s smile curved all the way to her temples . Victima’s eyes formed rivers as he fell to the pillow soft ground. Malum still had her disturbing stance, with her blind river eyes, it felt like the world came more distorted with each slow second that had passed. Malum finally spoke, her voice echoed through the realm like a cave “get..up…” she said softly “please..let me help you…”. Victima shook harder, Malum looked down “I am your friend, please…for me…” she said sadly “let me be your friend”. Victima sniffed and got up, shaking “M-malum” he stuttered “what is going on here? What’s happening?”. Malum looked at him with worry “nothing is wrong, just…wake up..” the sun rose to its peak and the light began to blind Victima. He held his head in pain and teared up as the sun burnt him. “MALUM! HELP ME!” he screamed “HELP ME!” , but Malum looked at him… smiling. The light blinded him, for the final time, his vision was white, his ears rang and it began to turn numb.

What it felt like for an hour, Victima woke up, leaning against the Wisteria Tree, it felt like time hadn’t passed. He looked around for something in particular, the doll head… Nothing was found, Victima ran out from the patio, everything didn’t change…what was going on…? He ran down the crowded hallway that was impacted with mildew and mold, everything stayed…the same though. He ran to the library and to the children’s corner, there was someone…there. He peeked behind the bookshelf and spied on the figure, they were laying in the makeshift fort…just drawing on themselves. Victima knew what was happening, he was watching himself having a breakdown, trying to calm himself down. Victima knew that in a minute Malum would come, yet he knew how quiet her footsteps were. Victima looked around for Malum, there was no sign of her, she had to be here. “Come on Malum, appear any second now, please!” Victima whispered to himself “where the hell is she? If I'm watching myself in the past, she is supposed to be here!”. Victima looked around again, Malum appeared behind him with her hand on his shoulder “let me help…”. She walked to Victima’s past self and spoke to him…like she did…a while ago. What did this mean? This doesn’t make sense, why would she do this to me? Why comfort me by coming to the past…? No wonder I couldn’t hear her footsteps, she phased here. He thought.

Victima spied on the two…everything was just like it was when he first saw her, but he couldn't understand why she came here to see him. Was this just out of pity? Or just to mock him? Why did she choose to see him? Why come to this timeline? It was now time to give Victima’s past self , his gift. He watched Malum hand his past self the wrapped yellow-printed moth pattern gift box, yet Victima felt uneasy. His pockets felt…light…too…light… Victima checked his pockets and he noticed that the gift Malum gave him was gone. Victima shook his shoes and coat, his gift was nowhere to be found. He looked frantically for the gift, running through the halls, looking in the patio area ;he found nothing. He ran back to the library, Malum still hugged his past self, he began to keep a more serious watch on the two…and then…Malum vanished. Victima rubbed his eyes and saw his past self looking around for her, holding her small note she left for him. Then it clicked… Malum stole his gift and gave it to… his past self. But… Why would she? Could this just be a normal thing for this timeline… or did Malum really change it? Victima knew he had to get to the bottom of this.

He went back to the patio to find the Wisteria tree, he tried to reenact the way he came to the gray landscape. He sat down and tried to look around to look for Malum, waiting for the doll head to appear once more. He looked around frantically, nothing happened, he tried to sit again, still…nothing happened. Victima, then heard quick footsteps, he lunged to the side and climbed up the tree. He climbed onto the top until he was stuck on the tippy top. His past self ran in and looked for Malum, this was deja vu all over again. Victima shifted to the side and something fell from his space. He freaked out and looked on the floor, it was the doll head that he found before. He stayed up in the tree trying not to alert his past self, he could mess up this reality. As he did before, his past self held the doll head and tried to look for a sign that this was fake, that the head he held wasn’t Malum’s. Then…it came. Victima noticed that the doll's head opened its mouth and filled the room with the void, this really explained how he was transported there, but how could he not see? When the void consumed them completely, he stayed behind his past self, following him to the music that attracted him. He ran and ran, following his past self to the music, he tried to keep his steps quiet as possible. His past self finally came to the grayscale river, Victima hid on the sand dune watching Malum. When the time came for the sun to rise, he noticed that Malum raised her hands while the sun rose. Was she rising the sun? Or was she just doing that to be more dramatic? The sun soon shone like a mushroom cloud . It blinded him and his past self, but when he looked back, his past self was turned into ashes and slowly burnt away.

Malum smiled as her tears became rivers, her smile still looked deformed as she said the lyrics; My loving you, they're only heartaches”. She still had her arms up as the sun rose, Victima ran to her and stared her down. “What is going on!?” Victima yelled “I trusted you! How dare you put me through this!”. Malum looked at him with sadness “you don’t understand!” she cries “that wasn’t me! I wouldn’t do such a thing to you!” Malum opened her arms to hug Victima “please understand that I never meant to hurt you, my dearest friend”. Victima stared at her with disgust “you gave my past self the gift you have me!” Victima looked at her. How dare she take the thing I loved most!? He thought. “That ‘thing’ is something that you don’t love the most…” Malum said cruelly. Victima looked at her shocked, “how do you keep knowing every thought I say!?” he broke down and started hyperventilating, Malum smiled “calm down…let me help you”. She wrapped her arms around him and cradled him like a baby “calm down, stop being overreacting, your head is in the wrong place…” she said coldly “you're just thinking…you're not here…you are in a dream…wake…up…”. The sound of ringing came to his ears again, he held his head in pain as the light blinded him again “MALUM HELP ME!” Victima screamed but he was gone, too late for Malum to protect him.

He jolted awake and found himself lying in his bed at home. Victim felt his face, it was too sweaty and warm, could he be having a fever? No, it couldn’t be…maybe he forgot to air his room out. But, why did he come home? Why is his bed still here? Why is the sun still shining? Victima got up and stretched “how did I get here? I thought I was with Malum for a second…” he yawned “maybe I should go eat…”. Victima walked to his door and opened it, but was faced with darkness when he tried to step out of the room. He clutched to the door frame and held on, it was only his room that excited in this void… but why… Why was he being tormented like this? Victima looked around, he had to find a sign that he could find a way to be free of torment. He looked down “I have to jump… there’s no way I can escape by staying here… death will take too long to get me…” . He leaned himself forward and let go of the door frame, his body fell like a feather torn from a bird. Victima let the space take him, he didn’t want to be confined to a room for the rest of his life anymore, he didn’t want to be locked in the dark again…

He felt like time had just stopped for him, like he’d wanted to get back home safely. Though he didn’t have a home, in his heart his true feeling of home was with Malum, he wanted to feel loved again, but after what he went through, he felt betrayed by Malum… or did Malum betray him at all? His tears escaped his eyes as he thought about Malum, he wanted to see her blue hair and those golden star eyes.. Even though he had barely got to know her… he felt so in… love!? Victima… actually found the one for him, he was surprised by this, he knew everyone treated him no more than a pile of… horse crap.

Suddenly, a light appeared below him, he could see an aspiration of the Wisteria tree. He put his hands to the side and darted towards the light, for him this could be his only way out. The light burned his eyes but he still kept going, he had one thing he had to be alive for right now… Malum. He could feel the earthy breeze, he was so close to freedom, he was so close to being alive again, he was so close… to being with Malum again.

Reality soon became real to him as he fell through the light, he landed on the soft grass and white moths flew away from him, he looked up to see that the void was closed off, he finally escaped the void. Victima got up and looked around, the Wisteria tree hadn’t changed a bit, it was like time didn’t affect its beauty at all. He saw the doll's head and picked it up, it had tears running down its face, it was too similar to Malum’s face. What did this mean? Was Malum feeling pity for Victima now? He wouldn’t understand women anyway. Victima dropped his head and left the patio. He opened the doors and the school was empty, he checked the time; it was 5:30 P.M. He ran out of the school and towards town. Suddenly a melody echoed through the town, it felt like he was in a horror film… all over again; “We'll meet again Don't know where Don't know when But I know we'll meet again some sunny day Keep smiling through Just like you always do ‘Til the blue skies chase those dark clouds far away And I will just say hello To the folks that you knowell them you won't be long They'll be happy to knowThat as I saw you go You were singing this song…” . The song was too slow… it felt like the place he was in was abandoned… ; it was… Victima looked terrified. Just a second ago, the town was thriving, with…happy faces…”Is anyone there!?” he yelled “someone answer! I won’t hurt you, please!”. He broke down in tears “PLEaSE SOMEONE HELP ME! I DON’T WANNA DIE!” he sank to the floor and curled into a ball “I don't wanna die…I don't wanna die…I don't wanna die…I don't wanna die…” he repeated over and over again. He began to arch his back more, to the point where he could break his own bones.

“Please…take me home..take me home…take me back to…Malum” he cried, as soon as he stopped talking a shadow loomed over him, yet he never looked up, he wanted to be in the darkness just a bit longer… “Oh, Victima…” a gentle voice echoed “don’t cry…you were never meant to stay here…”. The voice placed its hand on Victima's head and started to caress him, the voice scooped him into its arms and hugged him tight. “You were never meant to suffer…” the voice kissed Victima and held his hand. Victima looked down…those golden bracelets and nails sharp like a knife… They were Malum’s. He looked up “M-Malum…I’m so sorry for yelling at you…” he started to cry again “I..I love you”. Malum smiled and kissed him once more, but on the lips this time “oh how I found you…” Malum smiled “my new toy…my love…my prince…my little angel…of hope…”. Malum hugged him tighter “you are not the same…what happened to you..?” Victima looked at Malum, that thing she said… it was too out of the question . “Oops, sorry, that was so out of the question!” Malum said quirky “oh gosh, we should hang out right now, since we're official!” . Malum snapped her fingers and the town became normal “w-what did you just do?” Victima said confused “what? I don’t know what you're talking about, I found you unconscious and came to help you” Malum smiled creepy “come my love! Let's do what humans do!”. Victima didn’t think much and just held her hand, Malum began to hum to “I’ll Never Smile Again by Tommy Dorsey”. She held Victima’'s hand tight and sang the lyrics… “I’ll never smile again…Until I smile at you…I’ll never laugh again…What good would it do?...” .

Malum took him to a cafe, it wasn’t busy, but it felt calming. She sat him at a table and placed herself in front of him, she still had that unsettling feeling that Victima gave her. “Why do you draw silly things on your arms? That's kind of stupid…” she laughed, Victima looked at her a bit upset “I-I don’t know i-it calms me”. Malum looked at him “that’s kind of stupid, drawing girly ponies on your thin arms” she laughed “you know, that's a joke right?” . Victima shrugged “y-yeah”, and soon a waiter came to them. The waiter had glimmering blonde locks and a porcelain nose. They were at least as tall as a door frame but had the legs of a model. Malum felt intimidated and stared at the waitress when she said “my name is Angelus~”. Malum stared at her, “is that a latin name?” Victima said softly , “oh yes it is! Thank you for noticing!” Angelus smiled. “I really like latin names, you have a nice name” Victima smiled at Angelus, which made Malum upset. How dare she flirt with my new toy! She thought to herself I’m gonna end them…. “What would you like hon?” Angelus said smiling at Victima “there’s a special for a cute little boy like you~”. Malum fumed up HOW DARE THEY TALK TO MY TOY LIKE THAT! DO THEY NOT HAVE RESPECT!? THESE FILTHY HUMANS DESERVE EXTINCTION! She thought to herself again I will kill them…end their life…no one will take my toy from me… . “Oooh~ is it the Envoyer Aider? “ Victima said, smiling “I heard they’re really good, that they're to die for…” Angelus smiled “would you like one?” they asked, “yes please!” Victim said enthusiastically. The waiter smiled and walked away, Malum looked at him coldly “why did you talk to them like that!?” she said, “we’re dating you know!” . Victima looked at her and frowned “you know, I have to respect people no matter what, I can’t be cruel… I tried to be… it’s not right…” Malum fumed up “if you weren’t talking to them I wouldn’t be made in the first place!”. She looked away and got up “it’s your fault I’m upset!”. She walked away and into the back, “Malum! Come back! Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me alone…!” Victima cried. He broke down and everyone in the store stared at him and whispered things like; “who’s that freak over there?”,“OMG! A couple fight?I love drama”,”oh my god, I hate romance!”,”ew, it's that freak’s boyfriend!”. Victima broke down more and whispered to himself “It’s all my fault, I hurt her…”.

In the back of the cafe, Malum starts a heated conversation with Angelus, “excuse me! You have no right to talk to my boyfriend like that!” Malum screams at them “he’s mine, not yours!”. Angelus looked at her “like what? I was being nice!” Malum scoffed,calling him “hon”!? That's not being nice! That’s flirting you dumb cow!”. Malum rolled her eyes “only I can talk to my toy like that! I can do whatever I please!” she whipped her hair “get your own toy!”. Angelus looked at Malum disturbed “you call that boy a"toy "? Why… you're using him just so you can be happy!” they yelled back “you need to treat him with respect and not yell at him for his mental problems!”. Malum slapped Angelus “I said I do whatever I please..and you won’t stop me…” she snapped Angelus’ neck and dropped them, letting them bleed over the floor. “Ugh, disgusting humans, the asteroid should’ve caused an extension to this kind…” Malum grabbed Angelus and threw them over her shoulder “disgusting…”. She walked their body to the furnace and threw them inside “It’ll take a while for them to completely turn into dust…” Malum said coldly “time to return to my toy!”.

She walked away from the furnace and back into the cafe. Malum found the Envoyer Aider special for Victima and walked back to the table. Victima was still having a breakdown “get up you child, your food is here” Malum yelled “I said GET UP!”. Victima jolted up and sat back on the table “you know, I was known for being dramatic, but this, this is just disgusting” Malum said coldly as she slammed his food on the table. Victima hesitated, “eat you idiot!” Malum yelled “I didn’t pay good money for you to JUST STARE!”. Victima started to eat slowly, Malum sat down in front of him “you know I love you right? I gave you that gift, I’ll treat you to something, please forgive me~” Malum said sweetly “please?~”. Victima blushed, he couldn’t be mad at her “okay, fine..” , Malum smiled “thank you my toy! I love you so much~” Malum kissed Victima “you are mine, only mine…”. Malum stared at Victima while he ate, it was a bit unsettling but Victima had to deal with his new girlfriend’s antics. “So, did you know I was student council president?” she said lying “I was adored by all the boys and girls too~” Malum chuckled “have you ever gotten that much attention? No? That's sad”. She laughed “gimme some of that food!” Malum grabbed his special and gulped it in one bite, Victima felt upset but didn’t want to be rude, he was supposed to act loyal to her…to listen to her like a dog… Victima stared at her “h-hey Malum?” he said shaking “can I have something to eat since you ate my food?” , Malum looked at him coldly and changed her expression to smiles and goods “oh why of course my toy!~”. Malum got up and dragged Victima out of the store “h-hey aren’t we gonna pay?” , Malum looked at him and smiled “no, besides they can beg for that, it's what humans always do”. Malum gripped Victima's wrist tighter “come on let's go to the park!” , Victima looked at her sad “I asked if I could get something to eat since y-” , Malum shushed him “yeah yeah will get food after we play at the park!”.

Malum dragged him to a new location, something Victima didn’t discover, he practically knew all of town but he never saw this, no…he has seen this…before. Victima tried to run away, he knew he wasn’t supposed to be here, he can’t be here, he didn’t want to go through this again. “Malum, I don’t wanna be here…let's go somewhere else!” Malum gripped his wrist tighter “do you want food or not!? I said we’re playing at the park!”. She yanked him towards the park, Victima tried to get away, he didn’t want to see this, he didn’t want to see this again , he didn’t want to see her again. “Malum please!” Victima shakes, he was too close to getting flashbacks “I don’t wanna be here!”, he still struggled to run away “I DON’T WANT TO SEE HER AGAIN!”. He broke down and sank to the floor, he threw up and his nose began to bleed as he sobbed, his head throbbed with traumatizing flashbacks “no!no!no!” he screamed “make it stop! Don’t show me her! Don't kill her!”. Malum stared at him, not saying a word “no don’t put me here…take me back…take me back…take me back HOME!” he screamed “TAKE ME HOME!”. He bawled into the ground, clawing the earth and making his face and hands bleed. “My toy is broken…I should fix him…but when the time comes..he will be perfect…” Malum said, looming over Victima “babe…get up, stop being a big baby and get up”, Malum yanked his arm “fix your face, you're in public, man up!”. She dragged him to the park again, Victima struggled to break free, he didn’t want to see this “Malum please understand, I can’t go here! I’ve been through too much!” he sobbed, Malum gripped his wrist “so? You're boring, you're always boring, you never want to do fun stuff” Malum shoved Victima away and walked towards the park. “W-wait babe! I’m sorry! Come back!” Victima yelled after her “I love you! I’m sorry..!” he broke down again “I’m a big baby, I’m useless, I’m boring…no one likes me…”. He got up and walked away, Malum stayed at the park playing on the slides. He walked to a familiar bench, lined with flowers, cards and gifts. Malum slid off the slide and walked towards Victima and she sat by him “what’s this? Trash?” she said rudely as she took apart the tied up notes and gifts, “h-hey stop!” Victima grabbed her wrist. Malum looked at him coldly “excuse me!? HOW DARE Y-” , Victima scooted away afraid “I’m sorry b-babe it’s just…this is…'' he gulped as tears poured down his face “this is my mothers place of death…” . He shook as he got flashbacks of that horrible day , “it's her birthday today and…I don't have a gift nor cake..”. He looked away, upset “hey look here!” MAlum said happily, she had a cupcake with a candle and lighter “try this”. “How did you-” Victima stuttered in shock “don’t question it” Malum said coldly and gave him the stuff. Malum watched him light the candle, holding the cupcake close to him and blocking out the wind. He lit up the cupcake and placed it on the bench, he smiled “happy birthday…mom”.


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1 Comment

Chris Kramer
Chris Kramer
Oct 17, 2023

As I am reading this, I am impressed by the use of vocabulary, dialogue, mysticism, and imagery.

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