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The End of an Era: The Seniors Reflect on their Soccer Season

This year’s soccer season has just come to an end, meaning it was the last time the seniors on our team got to play together. Since Parker brought back their soccer team in 2021, these six seniors have played  together and made many memories. Once they graduate, I hope our team can continue to grow and become just as fun as it was when these seniors played with us. Thank you to Matt, Elwin, Danny, Daniel, Ian, and Spencer for your time playing on the Parker Bulls soccer team!

1. How has the Parker Bulls soccer team improved your life?

Matt: Umm…it’s been a great outlet for me to kinda just let off some steam after school, outside of academics and stuff. It’s a lot of fun to stay in shape and just continue developing as a soccer player.

Me: Wow, that’s a very intellectual answer! Do you think new students next year should join our team? 

Matt: Oh yes, definitely. I hope people join. The team is just getting better and better every year. With more people joining it’ll just be more fun for everyone. We want to continue the soccer team. 

2. Do you love the Parker Bulls soccer team?

Ian: I’ve been here since day one, you know? I was THE OG, and I just want to say, the bull is not my favorite animal, but today it might be boys. Let’s go! *cheering*

3. What was your favorite soccer game this season?

Danny: Alright, I’ll say a quote.

Me: Okay, what’s your quote.

Danny: It started in uh, 2021. We got out here, they said, "Hey first time in ten years, we’re starting a soccer team. It’s called Parker Bulls." Anyways, it started in 2021, now it’s 2024. That was 3 years ago, and now we’re here.

4. What’s your soccer pet peeve?

Daniel: Oh! Molakai, yeah---Molakai, Justus, Ezra, and Danny.

Me: Okay, anything inspirational?

Daniel: Yeah. So Ian, what’s the quote of the day bro?

Ian: Bikini bottom is called the bottom, not because it’s on the bottom of the ocean, but because they’re in the sky. Now let that sink in, alright?

5. What is your favorite memory of this soccer team?

Elwin: Um, my favorite memory was when Ian ate that soft taco in one bite after a game.

Me: Very inspirational. Should everyone join the team?

Elwin: Yeah, you should join the Parker Bulls soccer team.

6. What was your biggest regret during this season on the Parker Bulls soccer team?

Spencer: I would say, not showing up to every practice.

Me: Anything inspirational that you have for the interview?

Spencer: I would say to the people who are going to join soccer or decide to keep playing to just come to every practice even if you don’t feel like it.

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Angela Luna McDonald
Angela Luna McDonald
Feb 05

So sweet

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