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silence is never nothingness.

it never was.

it’s full of confusing emotions,

which remain unexpressed.

it’s full of unspoken words,

which makes are throat bleed

just like the sharp broken pieces

of mirror.

it’s full of unresolved mysteries,

tangled like numerous threads.

it’s full of an awkward madness,

beyond all the limitations,

wether known or unknown.

being comfortable with silence

is a rare art.

those who experience

this uncomfortable comfort,

fall in love with silence,

where they experience

the unexpressed emotions,

where they come across

the unspoken words,

where they find

the old and new scars

and the broken pieces of the soul,

where they untangle

the threads of the past

and use them

to weave the future,

where they gain

the miraculous power of madness.

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