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October: A Collection of Poetry

the one who invented trick or treat

yes, i invented “trick or treat”

so you could fill your mouth with sweets

candy bars and lemon drops,

marshmallows and tootsie pops,

butterscotch and bubble gum.

hold out your hand——they’ll give you some

chocolate kisses, jujubes,

sour balls and jelly beans.

have a cake—some cookies too

take a couple—grab a few

peppermint sticks and Mary jane’s,

licorice whips and candy canes.

slurp some soda, munch on pie,

don’t let those M&Ms go by,

chew that toffee, munch those treats,

get that caramel in your teeth.

then come see me, i’ll be here—

i’m your friendly dentist, dear.

Halloween memories

Dark nights

cool temperatures

a spooky feeling

at the end of the month

a time for trick or treat

brightly lit pumpkins

with carved faces

horro movies

costume galore

fill the streets

children excited

for the night

their night in a way

anticipating their hauls

of goodies

who will have more?

what will the costumes be?

a time of fun and togetherness

halloween memories


there’s nothing as fine

as an autumn day,

with the smell in the air

of the fresh mown hay.

Each tree is a wonder

of beauty, untold.

Each leaf brushed with color,

a sight to behold.

There’s a nip in the air

-crisp, cool and clear-

go remind us that winter

soon will be here!

But for now we have autumn,

the ‘Show-Off’ of seasons!

My favorite, by far,

and these are the reasons!

my darling can you hear it?

something’s lurking in the leaves,

i can feel it’s preying eyes on us,

form somewhere in the trees.

and is it me or is this forest,

suddenly making you feel small?

like we could run for our entire lives,

and not get out at all.

i think it’s getting closer,

but then again i can’t be sure,

for every time i think i hear it,

it’s not quite where it was before,

we both know we cannot keep up,

with its relenting pace,

that it will always be the winner,

in this unfair lifelong race,

but until it’s breaths upon us,

there’s so much more to still be done,

my dear don’t let it catch you,

all that’s left to do is RUN.


raindrops on bedroom

windows, the wind howling at

night, dew in the grass, mist

covered lands, fire in the

hearths and hearts of lovers.

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