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Ms Futrell: Accused of Arson - MS Breaking News Winner

Written by Coach P's Hui & Ms. Smith's Hui (a joint effort).

Preface: Two weeks ago, on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022, Parker Press hosted an investigative journalism X-block activity for grades 6-12 titled "Breaking News." Each Hui was given a manilla envelope with "top secret" information including a police report, interview transcripts, and a "tip" leading them to an additional source. They then had 50 minutes to put the pieces together and submit a coherent journalism article accurately depicting the story they were asked to cover. THE PEOPLE DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!!

Disclaimer: The following story is fictitious and all clues associated it were created for the purpose of this X-block activity only.

On March 16th, 2022, a fire broke out in the dry lab at Parker School. The suspect, Ms. Futrell, supposedly left a paper towel roll next to an ignited burner, causing the fire. Sources including Ms Rickards say, “I think that I do recall Ms Futrell still hanging around at 6:15pm.” Ms Futrell was also reported asking for paper towels, directly relating to the cause of the fire.


The dry lab fire as it burns.

Mr. Ruderman, in his interview with the reporter, says, “I remember we were talking about how the colored printer was out of ink, and she mentioned that what was worse was that the 3D printer was broken.” Given that Ms. Futrell was in the design lab, which is adjacent to the dry lab, helps us conclude that Ms Futrell was in the area of the fire at the time. Ms Futrell could have been using the paper towels to clean up after making her grilled cheese, proving that it was her that caused the fire.

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