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Love’s twisted game

In the quiet whispers, you claimed to miss,

But your moves, a whole different abyss.

Talking about love, in the dead of the night,

Yet, your heart stayed away, shrouded in quiet.

No "I love you" in the air, not a peep,

While I spilled my heart, secrets to keep.

No strings on you, freedom was your plea,

Yet, that freedom brought tears, silently.

A million tears, a storm of pain,

Mocked and teased, my tears down the drain.

Did losing me uncover your wrongs,

Or just a moment's peace in life's sad songs?

Your next love, may she get it right,

Without the shadows of our endless fight.

I'm wondering why the words you claim,

Hold no weight, in love's twisted game.

Love spoken, only when prompted,

Was your silence a love that's demented?

I wonder why, as time slips by,

A question lingers: did your shame pry?

In the tapestry of memories, threads unwind,

The lives we shared, in my heart confined.

Yet, the why remains, a lingering sigh,

As we drift away, and our paths imply.

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