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Haters, Get a "New Perspective" Because Noah Kahan is on The Rise

It has come to my attention that there are haters lurking. Some people seem to think that the artist Noah Kahan is just another basic indie pop musician who brings nothing intriguing to the table. But what they really should be thinking about is when to book their next eye appointment because they just ain’t seeing clearly. You don’t have to be an all out fan but you have to give credit where credit is due. 

Noah Kahan is breaking the glass ceiling for artists in his genre. Talented creators like Hozier, The Lumineers, and Gregory Alan Isakov have produced incredible music throughout their careers, but they only ever make it so far, whether that be the industry’s agenda or other limiting factors. 

However, in the last 13 months, Noah Kahan has defied these limits and entirely shifted this narrative with driving force. In just over a year, Noah Kahan produced 29 songs that led him to be nominated for Best New Artists (Grammy Award), Award For Best Lyrics (iHeartRadio Music), Award for Top Rock Artist (Billboard Music), Social Star Award (iHeartRadio Music), Favorite New Artist (People’s Choice Award), Award for Top Rock Album (Billboard Music), and Award for Best New Rock/Alt. Rock Artist (iHeartRadio Music). Moreover,  back in 2020 he won Producer of the Year at the Brit Awards, becoming the youngest producer to receive this accalaid at 26 years old. Try to tell me he’s basic now. 

Not only has Noah Kahan completely opened the doors of higher success for Alt/Indie Rock artists, but he’s also bridged the gap between genres. This man is a social butterfly, he has collaborated with Post Malone, Kacey Muscgraves, Lizzy McAlpine, Hozier, Zach Bryan, Gracie Abrams, Sam Fender, and more, as he drops his last two collabs and final song on his Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) album on February 9th. Tell me another artist who’s collaborated with as many people across these many genres. Now tell me one that’s done this in only a year. Noah Kahan has proven to us that genres are not concrete, but rather fluctuating mediums of art that can blend together to create something even more incredible. 

Now I don’t want to call myself a crazy fan or anything, but as someone who spent 2,513 minutes of 2023 listening to his music, Noah Kahan’s stuff is good. If you’re new to him as an artist, I would suggest listening to “New Perspective,” “Everything, Everywhere,” “Everything, Everywhere (with Gracie Abrams),” “Northern Attitude (with Hozier),” “Paul Revere,” “Orange Juice,” or “No Complaints.” All these are from his most recent album and obviously all of his songs are great, but these are personally my favorites.

I would also highly suggest going back and listening to his earlier pieces including “Carlos Song,” “False Confidence,” “Mess,” “Fine - Acoustic,” and “Bad Luck.” Once again, all of his songs are exceptional, but these are just some favorites. Now, if you’re somebody who is familiar with Noah Kahan, but is starting to become a hater, I’d like you to rethink things. Go back and listen to some of my suggestions and don’t hate on him just because the radio has overplayed “Stick Season.” 

At the end of the day you can be a hater if you really want to, but Noah Kahan is a talented artist who’s been able to break in the music industry, changing the narrative for present and future musicians to come.

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