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As cap and gown come into view,

can't help but feel,

As graduation day seals the deal.

My sister, off to worlds unknown,

Leaving me here, feeling alone.

As she leaves, I struggle to believe.

No more laughs, no more fights,

Just empty halls and lonely nights.

Her laughter gone, her room now bare,

I miss the memories we used to share.

High school's over, and so's our time,

I love how we will always be so intertwined.

Though endings come,

and paths diverge,

I stay in this place and watch her dreams emerge.

So here I write

with tear-streaked cheeks,

As my world shifts and silently creaks.

But in the sadness,

one thing remains true,

no matter how you are doing,

I love you.

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1 comentário

Britta Zimmer
Britta Zimmer
06 de mai.

Full on tears over here- this is a beautifully written poem, Siena.

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