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Club Spotlight: Tech Club

The Tech Club has their sights set on a year of collaboration and advancing their technological skills. Student leaders Danny Brophy and Elwin Futrell Shotts teach various skills within the field of technology, including: coding, hacking (responsibly), 3D printing, creating servers, and any other technology based learning that a student wishes to pursue.

The club was formed to supplement the robotics club, following its shut down last year. According to Elwin and Danny, they wanted to create a program where they could help individuals with coding projects, and gain experience within the technological world.

Now, the two student leaders teach classes most Wednesdays during the allotted club time before school. The club is located in the design lab and is open to grades 9-12. Anyone who is interested in learning more about coding or just wants to work on tech projects are welcome to join. No prior coding experience is required.

Elwin and Danny are hoping to have more students enroll into the program. For those who have questions about Tech Club, feel free to contact Danny ( or Elwin ( ) via email!

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