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Chapter 7:  Nothing is Real…

Chapter 7:  Nothing is Real…

 Victima growled at the doctor as he put a hand over his chest, feeling his heartbeat. His eyes looked like a dark pool of blood; it was a gruesome feeling Victima felt within him. “Explain your reason! Explain why you came into my home and act cool after a freaking death scene! Tell me why you've come to torture  me!" The doctor’s eyes were filled with playfulness and pleasure. “Why come to your pathetic house that you deserve to die in? Oh, I was walking by and waltzed in~”. The doctor laughed, “What? You think I was going to say something sentimental? Pathetic”. Victima stared at the doctor in horror, the rotten smell of dead bodies filling the air made him shed tears. The stench made Victima vomit, blood poured from his mouth along with other fluids. Victima got up and wiped his mouth. He looked over the living room and saw that the area was clean. “What the hell!? When, what, and HOW!? “What the f#ck are you…?!” The victim screamed; he, of course, was freaking out. If that wasn’t obvious, the doctor laughed, “What are you talking about?” The doctor titled their heads; it was like they were playing with the thoughts of Victima, he got up “what are you doing IN MY HOUSE YOU FA-”. The doctor hushed Victima “For a pathetic boy, you sure are protective of a house that treats you like you're worth nothing…”. The doctor sighed “It has occurred to me that you are confused with reality, is it not?” the doctor laughed as they stretched. “I’m getting bored..." They walked away and out the front door. “Nah! Man, you did not just walk away from this conversation!" The victim screamed, “Get your #ss back here!”. The victim ran after the doctor in anger, “Hey! Hey! I’m talking to you, idiot! Answer me!”. The doctor kept walking further away; they were much faster than Victima and much taller too. Victima screamed “Your a b#tch! You know that right!? A stu-”, the doctor cut Victima off with a backhand and he landed with a thud “quiet your mouth! You should be ashamed! Your mother let you be born with that mouth? Did she give birth to her pain instead of a normal child!?” Victima looked up from the ground as he dusted off his pants and wiped a tear. “Look, the useless child is crying; stop it; no one is going to expect you to be dramatic! Man up! Be useful for  once." The doctor rolled his eyes and walked away. The victim got up and ran towards the doctor. “Explain, one final time, why were you in my house!?” The doctor stopped and turned around. “You wanna know why? You really want to know..." The doctor sounded irritated, yet in their voice it was mixed with worry. “You look like you needed help, like you needed help to find a person who killed your mother.” The doctor sounded like they were trying to convince Victima to believe the lie. The victim gasped, "How do you know, my mother?!” The doctor chuckled. “I knew her very well.” Their tone sounded dark. “She always baked and sang that Jack and Jill lullaby, didn’t she?”. Victima jumped. From the little information he was told, he felt like this doctor knew everything about his life. It was terrifying for Victima. The doctor smiled creepily. “By knowing the reason for her death was your own drunken father?”. The victim's eyes widened in fear. “So your father really was feared by you and your mother." The doctor’s smile widened. "Oh, how sad. It was a sight when he killed her." The doctor laughed, “It was a homicide... Was it? He killed himself quite after... but there was someone who was truly guilty of the murder..." “W-who?” The victim questioned the doctor out of curiosity: “Come with me, and we will find it out together." The doctor lended out their hand and said, “Let us travel to the answers, Victima." Victima stared at the hand and went back to his house. He thought to himself, My siblings are still there. If I leave them, I'm an irresponsible older brother. yet I will avenge my mother’s death. If I don't, I will never get the truth. The victim stared at the doctor and took their hand. “Your siblings will be safe." The doctor crossed his fingers behind his back and said, “I promise..." The victim looked back at the house, and he felt some sort of guilt in his gut. He shouldn’t go, but he must! But his siblings—he must leave them behind!. Victima sighed and looked back at the doctor. “Let us leave and avenge my mother, doctor." Victima lent his hand to the doctor, and the doctor’s smile became sinister: “Agreed, Victima..." The doctor took his hand, and the world around them faded to black.


As they warped back to reality, the area around them smelled like smoke and grilled meat. It was now the season of the new year. Victima looked around and asked, "What happened? How is the new year already!?”. The doctor smiled and said, “You're remembering things wrong, Victima." The doctor turned down the road and walked away, and Victima quickly caught up with them. As they walked down the street, they came across a pair of young couples sitting on a park bench. The young man had fluffy hair and was taller than his partner. She had straight, short, curly hair and had more piercings than her boyfriend. The two talked romantically about hobbies and past hangouts. The victim could tell the girl was deeply in love with her partner; her eyes looked like a garden of beautiful flowers, and to him, she was someone who made him smile more. They looked like the beautiful couple Romeo and Juliet. The doctor scoffed, “Move along, Victima; we don’t need to be in this “cheesy” aura these two have created." The doctor slowed his pace and disappeared once more. Victima sighed and looked back at the couple. The girl was sweet yet easily flustered, and her partner was just a bundle of joy. Victima thought to himself, If only Malum was here, I’d love her like Romeo loved Juliet. He shook his head and ran off.

He found the doctor overlooking the town square with police tape and big bags that were played on the floor. The area was flooded with cops and ambulances, but to Victima, it seemed no one was alive. The doctor had a sinister look on their face, a smile... “I thought this area was supposed to be safe." The doctor said in a creepy tone, “Do you feel safe, Victima?”. The doctor snapped it next to Victima; their eyes were empty and dark, and a chill ran down Victima's spine. "Uh, how the hell do you think I’m supposed to respond to that!?” The victim spat, and the doctor chuckled, crossed under the police tape, and went into the crime scene. Victima hesitated. Should I go!? He thought they did say to follow them. oh god… It's time to break the law today!. The victim crossed under and ran to the doctor. The doctor looked around, and they stared at the broken statue of Jesus. The victim walked forward, and the doctor sighed, “It is sad to see a statue of a beloved idol... It's pathetic to see someone who would care for such a  thing." Suddenly, they felt a tap on their shoulder. They both quickly turned around and saw the couple from before. They had a cold look on their faces. “You dare come here and criticize our savior?” The girl said, staring at the doctor, “Shame on you; he sat down with everyone, sinful and pure, and you dare disrespect their name!?”. The doctor smiled. “I only disrespect the son because of his father.” The doctor turned around. “I cannot believe you even follow a god who thinks r@pe is not a big deal at all." The doctor walked away and said, “Come along, Victima, let us find your mother’s true killer." The couple growled, “You dare leave without showing any remorse!?” The man stepped forward and said, “It's sad to see an angel disrespect her god!”. The doctor stopped and turned around. Their eyes were filled with irritation. The doctor stomped back and slapped the man. “‘Shut your mouth! You don’t know how much a god can put so much torture on an angel! Take back your words and your pathetic gods!”. The man grabbed the doctor’s neck and slammed them into the ground. He started to throw punches while the doctor was failing to push him off. The man started to speed up his punches, while the girl hesitated to jump in. The victim was also hesitant, but he was afraid to even interfere. The doctor’s face was starting to become bloody and wounded, and their eyes were slowly getting puffy. The doctor roughly made contact with the man’s body by swinging their leg at the stomach with force. The doctor was able to get the man off of them, and they started to stomp their faces aggressively. The girl ran to the doctor and pushed them off her partner. She held her lover close to her body as she cried. Her eyes were filled with regret and rage. “IF YOU EVER TOUCH MY LOVE EVER AGAIN, I WILL MAKE SURE YOUR DEATH IS SLOW!”. The doctor turned around and walked away. The girl was still screaming; her voice could be heard for miles; it was piercing the victim's ears. Suddenly, the girl punched the doctor and started to strangle them. She used force to try and snap the neck of the doctor, yet the doctor made sure to leave a gap between their neck and her arms. She threw the doctor down and whipped a punch at their face, causing a serious blow. She shoved her hand inside the doctor’s mouth, and with extreme force, she ripped out the front teeth of the doctor. They screamed in pain, threw the girl across the area, and hit hard against the fountain. She went unconscious as her head started to bleed. The doctor wiped the blood from their mouth and spat out some.

“It is time to go to Victima." The doctor pulled the victim away as they crossed under the police tape and walked away. “We are going to the Waverly Sanitorium; do not question how it is still open; we are heading to the church to deal with some business.". 

They crossed over a hill and down a road, they made it to the front entrance of the sanitarium, some people still occupied it, cleaners and some cops strolled around the place. The feeling felt familiar to Victima, a nostalgic one. They walked through the doors and down the corridors, the doctor had an unpleasant face, with a little grief mixed with it. Victim noticed a lock of blue hair hanging down by the doctor’s ear, the color of it was navy blue and it shined brightly when it came in contact with light. “Doctor, your blue hair is…” , the doctor quickly hid the hair “what are you  talking about? What blue hair?!”. The doctor was sweating profusely “let us continue walking…!”. Victima followed the doctor to the church that was located in the far back. “This is where your true killer stays” the doctor put their hands on Victima, a weird aura surrounded them “you will end this man, you will rip his heart out and put it on a stake for me to eat, you will keep it’s head for me to display on my wall…” the doctor said in a trance. Victim's eyes darkened, he pushed through the church doors and ran down the corridor, his steps echoing. Victima leaped and latched onto the priest. The priest screamed in terror as he tried to get Victima off of him. Victima latched his hand onto the priest’s mouth and started to split it into two. Victim's mouth foamed like a ravage beast as the priest threw him against the wall. Victima jumped towards the priest and yanked his eyeball out, the priest screeched and threw Victima off, he backed away in fear. “Stay back demon! In the name of the…!” he grabbed his crucifix “begone! You cannot touch me!”. Victima stepped closer, his eyes dilated, his mouth drooling. “N-no it’s not time yet! I’m not ready to die!” the priest cried. “You will pay for what you did to my parents!” Victim's voice sounded demonic and other voices followed him. “W-what!? I would never…! Please young boy! Spare me!” the priest prayed on the floor. Victima stepped closer and grabbed the priest by the throat “for mother…”. With force Victima ripped the priest’s face into two. The doctor kneeled down and whispered “good job, you made me proud Victima…”. The doctor smiles curled all the way to her temples

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