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Ask A Friend: Advice Column Week 6

Hello Parker Press readers! Welcome back to Parker Press' advice column: Ask a Friend. We have created this advice column with the intention to foster a designated safe space for peers to be open about things they might be struggling with or have questions about and give each another guidance. The floor is always open to anyone who is seeking advice! Every posting, Parker Press staff respond to questions they receive under their personal pen names.


Anyone can submit questions via this form or dm us directly. There are flyers with QR codes around the school that you can use to annonymously submit questions. You can sign your questions with your actual name, your initials, or a pen name---it's completely up to you.

Disclaimer: Advice from Parker Press is given by students on the Parker Press staff and is by no means a professional opinion. While every contributor has the best intentions, please take any advice given with a grain of salt, as every situation is very unique to each individual. Please keep questions school appropriate. Parker Press is by no means obligated to respond to questions that fall outside of these perimeters or are a violation someone's privacy. We hope you enjoy!

Note: If we don't get to your question this posting, stay tuned for the next one, as it may take us a lil while to get to all the submissions we receive!

Q: How do you know your goals are reachable/achievable?

First, I’d like to say that no goals are totally impossible! You can achieve anything with hard work and determination. But it’s definitely true that not all goals are realistic for the time being. There are a few ways to tell if your goals are reasonable for where you are at at the moment.

First, ask yourself: How long will it take to achieve this goal? If it’s something that will take a super long time, but it’s still something you can consider achieving, you may want to think about how much effort it will take over that period of time.

Second, think about what your skills are at the time. If your goal is to be a world champion swimmer, but you’ve only just started swimming, maybe think about some smaller goals first, like finishing your first race. Always keep your big goals in mind, but set smaller goals for yourself first.


A. Friend.

Q: Hello. I have been questioning my gender identity for a long long long long time. I want to finally be open about who I am and how I present, but I’m scared as there are some less than savory people here. What do I do?


I admire your courage in exploring your gender identity. It's completely normal to feel scared, especially in an environment where you're concerned about the reactions of others. It is important to remember there are people that will be supportive and accepting. Finding and creating this support system can make a huge difference in feeling more confident about expressing your gender identity. So start small with the people who you trust like close friends, family members, or even teachers. Once you feel confident and comfortable enough you can continue expanding your circle. While on this journey of self-expression don’t forget to be patient with others and most importantly with yourself. As cheesy as it may sound, you’re not alone. I promise you, when you be open about who you are, you’ll find a supportive community that will be there cheering you on. You just need to take the leap of faith.



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